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In the Laundry

Caring for your nappies

Getting started with cloth nappies?

We advise that you pre-wash your nappies in warm water several times prior to use - no need to dry in between the cycles, just keep it going to help those bamboo liner fibres build their absorbency!

Speed up the process of breaking in the nappies by soaking them in water overnight before initial washing will help you get off the ground quicker.  Until the nappies are broken in, they will require more regular changing for the first few times. Please be patient - you're on a good thing, don't stop now!

Care instructions-

  • Dispose of solids in the toilet. Loosely snap the nappy together and turn inside out - this assists in preserving the elastic and fabric colour.
  • Place nappy in a bucket, separating the insert from the shell.  Empty full load into machine. Put nappies through a rinse cycle followed by a 30, 40, or 50-degree Celsius full wash cycle. We suggest using an enzyme free washing powder at 1/2 strength.
  • NEVER use bleach or soakers, softeners or vinegar, including Napisan, as they compromise the nappy materials, and will void any warranty.
  • Line dry if possible with inner nappy facing the sun. Tumble dry if required on low/cool temp. NOTE: Tumble drying your nappy shells will shorten their lifespan.
  • Avoid barrier creams, if needed, use a bio liner to protect nappy fabric. Creams can clog your nappy fibres and can cause it to repel urine and leak.

Occasional care tips-

'Strip wash' nappies occasionally with a hot wash (not over 60-degrees Celsius).  This helps to rid nappies of odours, detergent build up and stains.

To reassemble your nappy, Simply fold the insert into three and slip into the nappy pocket and you're good to go!